How to choose a domain name for your business website?

Finding a name for a new company is not easy. Because if it is successful, the name you chose at the beginning will accompany you for years – if not decades. The feeling of choosing the wrong name can even nip success in the bud.

You probably know that: To visit the website of a well-known brand, simply enter the name in the address bar, write “.de” behind it – and with a click on Enter you have already arrived. We just expect us to get there. And that’s exactly what you can take advantage of as a website owner! Because with a cleverly chosen domain you can make sure that even more visitors reach you. We show how it works. In Asia, users usually assume that websites have a “.asia” ending. “.kh” is standard for Cambodia and “.th” for Thailand. So if you mainly want to address people from your country, the best thing to do is to choose the ending. If, on the other hand, you want to inspire an international audience, a “.com” ending is the right choice! Of course, this also applies to multilingual websites.

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Keep your domain name short

The most important rule for a good domain name is very simple: Short domains are better than long ones. Because: First, you can’t mistype a short domain so quickly. Secondly, it is easier to remember a short domain name. And third, it doesn’t take that long to type in the domain. The latter is particularly relevant for smartphone users, for who typing long domains are particularly difficult and prone to errors.


Be straightforward

An optimal domain name can also be spoken straight away, remembered, and typed in without errors. So if possible avoid foreign words and never combine foreign words from two languages ​​- there are errors programmed. In addition, you should definitely take a typing test so that you can rule out typical typing errors. Because such typing errors usually mean that your visitors land on a different website.

Caution should also be taken with abbreviations. Shortening a long name to just a few characters is actually good, but can be at the expense of noticeability.

Get an idea

An important part of the name of a domain shapes the image of the page. A professional web project, therefore, needs a corresponding professional name that fits the project and reflects what you or what your idea stands for. In principle, there are two options: Either you freely think of a project name that sounds good, is short, understandable, and still free that you develop yourself into a brand. Or you choose a name that is self-describing. Because, at least in the initial phase, most visitors will not come to your site because they specifically enter the name. You will be found primarily via search engines. And the more meaningful your domain name, the higher up you’ll end up in the results list of Google and Co.

Is your desired domain already taken?

Unfortunately, this can happen: You have a domain in your head – but unfortunately it is already taken. However, this is not a broken leg because you have different options. What you shouldn’t do in this case: just change the URL extension. Because the change from .de to the somewhat less well-known extensions .net or .info does not help much. So people who are interested look for your website, end up typing .de and end up on a completely different website. This is not an advantage for you or the visitors. It is better to make your domain really unique:

  • Works with hyphens (tip: maximum two)
  • Use an abbreviation
  • Integrate (in addition) the location or region
  • Add terms like “blog” or “shop”

Last but not least, it can help to ask friends which alternatives they would come up with. The view from the outside often helps immensely to be inspired for domains.

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Final tips

When choosing the domain, be aware that it permanently represents your company, hobby, or blog. And don’t just choose the domain with a view to search engine optimization. Above all, it should suit you, your website and of course your customers and visitors.