How to Increase Google Ranking for Free

Have you heard about Search Engine Optimization (SEO)? In this post, we will give you 10 SEO tips to improve your Google ranking.

how to improve google ranking

SEO is one of the most profitable ways to attract customers to your website. Good content combined with the right set of keywords and search phrases can provide long-lasting results for your business.

Implement some of these SEO tips and your website should show up in related searches. Make sure to follow Google’s guidelines at all times to achieve optimal SEO.

Of course, SEO is much more complex than that and involves taking care of multiple variables. Although, if you have done it well, you can reap very good results.

Most people think that SEO is just about using the right keywords and key phrases. While that is important, there are many more things to consider.

Here are the 10 SEO tips for beginners to check out!

1. Website Speed

Users love a fast loading website and Google loves its users. Site speed, according to Google, is one of the main search engine ranking factors. And you need to be able to provide the fastest browsing experience on the mobile and desktop versions of your website.

increase google ranking

Google tries to create the best and most satisfying user experience (UX). A slow loading website is one of the main factors for a high bounce rate, that is, people leaving your website in 10 seconds or less. It may seem like a very short time, but people’s attention span is shrinking and there are always more alternatives that provide the same but a better experience.

Make sure you choose the right web hosting provider to store your website.

2. Quality content

When creating the contents of your website, make sure to take care of your content so that it has the best quality and that it always responds to the needs of your user. Do not forget to use keywords and phrases in the content information that the user is looking for.

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Do not enter the game of fake news or false news, which seeks clickbait (the easy click), ahead of truthful and quality content.

3. Indexing

Having your pages indexed by Google is the key to attracting organic visitors to your website. If you ask yourself ‘How do I know how many pages of my website are being indexed?’ Here is a formula to understand it:

Indexing = number of pages in Google’s index versus number of pages on your website

You can find this information in the Google search console. Once that is clear, the next question is: ‘How do I index my pages?’ Well, the only option is to follow Google’s guidelines to deliver the correct user experience. And Google believes in high-quality, trustworthy content. If you provide true value to your users, Google will rank you higher.

4. Sitemaps

To put it in simple terms, you can think of your website as your home and each page on the website as a room. An XML sitemap works as a blueprint for your home page/website, making it easy for Google to find all the pages on your website.

google ranking

Easy access to your website pages greatly helps in search ranking. This means that Google is not ranking websites, it is ranking pages. Adding a sitemap can significantly help improve your SEO. However, when contents or pages are added to your website, make sure your sitemap is up to date as well.

5. Update old content

There is a lot of content that you have written on the website, but old content tends to be ignored and efforts are made to share new content. However, your old content is a goldmine of opportunities to improve your SEO. The key here is to keep an eye on your bounce rates and check the pages your customers are bouncing from. Go to those pages and make any necessary changes to keep your audience interested.

Also, the important thing is to update your content with current information. For example, technology-based websites may continue to add up-to-date technology information or informational websites that may continue to add statistics to update their articles or pages.

6. Secure sites with HTTPS

When your website is shown a Green Lock is a factor that also affects the positioning of your website. If a site is shown as unsafe, it is very likely that your user leaves the web without completing any action. This results in a higher bounce rate, which affects your search engine ranking.

ssl certificate

To solve this point you must install an SSL certificate on your website.

This web hosting below offers a great Let’s Encrypt and other payment certificates for e-commerce websites that collect personal data:

7. On-Page SEO

Working on SEO on your own page is one of the main elements to improve your SEO positioning and that it will be cheaper for you.

If you are using WordPress web builder, we recommend using Yoast SEO to optimize your On-page SEO. They have free and paid features.

SEO Tip for beginners

Here are the things you should take care when optimize On-page SEO:

  • Title: Find an attractive title that identifies your content. It should generate curiosity and contain your keyword.
  • Description: In the meta description you can summarize your relevant content. You need to maintain the format of search terms.
  • URL: Use a URL that is short (no more than 4-5 words), and contains your keyword.
  • Use Structured Data: Structure the content of your page in H1, H2, H3, and descriptions. Header tags correctly structure the page and make it easier for Google bots to crawl your page.
  • ALT tags: Putting the ALT tags on your images, videos, and infographics will improve your user’s browsing experience. Every time you upload one of these elements, add ALT tags with the keywords.
  • Local SEO: If you have a small business it is essential to add NAP information (Name, Address, and Telephone number), which will help you position yourself in local searches. You can include this information on social media, on your Google My Business profile, or in directories such as Foursquare, Tripadvisor, and Yelp.

8. Off-page SEO

Off-Page SEO is about all the actions that you can carry out outside of your page. We give you some ideas to improve the SEO positioning of your website: create a blog that deals with quality content on your subject and update it constantly, invite relevant website to publish on your content, generate links to your web page through sponsored content or follow the blogs and forums that similar to your business.

9. Mobile SEO

Mobile SEO is the process of optimizing a website for search engine queries originating from mobile devices. It’s a form of SEO approach that allows a website to rank for mobile searches.

As Mobile browsing continues to grow year after year. It is true that mobile friendliness is important for SEO. In fact, when Google detects that a user is searching on a mobile device, it uses it as a ranking signal. If you websites have mobile friendly, in general, it will outrank non-mobile friendly sites in mobile search results.

Mobile SEO

So make sure that your website design has mobile responsive that focuses on improving website access speed, content visibility without manual resizing, and easy navigation for mobile users.

10. Create backlinks

Backlinks are inbound links that come to our website with the aim of giving it authority in the eyes of Google. They are highly valued and are shown as the most beneficial links in order to improve positioning since they are considered the most difficult to manipulate links.

Your domain name can play an important role in further enhancing the authenticity of your backlinks. A study on the impact of new domains on SEO suggests that a keyword-rich domain name can help websites gain on-topic backlinks on those keywords.

This is great news for companies that want to be discovered organically. For example, if gets backlinks on the “Best SEO Agency“, the extra words help the website rank those keywords.