How to Install WordPress on SiteGround

You already know that the first step to design a web page is to install WordPress, which we’re going to talk about in this post. Installing WordPress is really simple, although it depends on the way we choose to do it.

How to Install Wordpress on Siteground

As you know if you usually read our blog, SiteGround is the web hosting where we have all our websites hosted and the one that we always recommend for the quality of its tools and especially its technical support department.

If you like it, you have also chosen SiteGround to host your website, the process to install WordPress is very simple.

SiteGround Web Hosting Review 〉

Steps to install WordPress on SiteGround

1. Within your Siteground panel, you go to websites and your domain will appear.

Steps to install WordPress on SiteGround

2. Click on Site Tools and the tools that SiteGround makes available to you will open.

Steps to install WordPress on SiteGround

3. You go to the WordPress section and a series of options are displayed to Install & Manage.

4. Click on Install and manage and then the WordPress installer opens.

siteground with wordpress

5. You choose which package you want to install (WordPress only or WordPress + WooCommerce).

siteground and wordpress

6. Complete all the required fields and click on install.

We leave you a related video in which we show you the WordPress installation process in SiteGround with its WordPress Starter tool.