Why WordPress is the best website builder for SEO

Are you looking for the best SEO-friendly CMS for your website, shop or blog?


With WordPress, you have full control of your content – from web design to all content to the right target keywords for successful Search Engine Optimization (SEO).

WordPress was developed as an independent project back in 2003 and is open-source software. Now it is one of the leading names in the content management system (CMS) for roughly 42% of the web uses WordPress, from hobby blogs to the biggest news sites online. Main developers Matt Mullenweg and Mike Little, of which Matt Mullenweg is the face of WordPress. Matt is also the founder of Automattic, where the company generates the profit for WordPress.com service.

So what are the reasons WordPress has become so popular? There are many. But today’s article, we focus on WordPress SEO Web Builder.

1. Great user experience

WordPress themes and plugins work together to make websites professional, easy to use, and attractive.


The result?

Visitors enjoy the experience they have on a WordPress site. They stay longer and reduce the bounce rate of your entire website.

If you are looking to improve your website’s SEO ranking, this is great news for you. Google wants to reward websites that offer a great user experience.

Diversity of themes/templates: There are currently more than 5,000 free WordPress themes and over 60,000 paid premium WordPress themes available.

Plugin variety: There are currently more than 60,000 free WordPress plugins and over 100,000 paid premium WordPress plugins available.

2. Optimized for mobile users

Mobile use has increased rapidly in recent years – over 200% in the last 5 years. To become an Internet marketer, your website needs to be optimized for mobile devices.

siem reaper webThe good news is that if you already use WordPress to manage your website, you don’t need to do anything to make your website mobile responsive because most WordPress themes have been optimized for mobile users.

3. Easy to create attractive permalinks

On WordPress, it’s very easy to edit your website’s permalink.

Instead of having a URL full of ugly looking characters, you get something like this:

Simple: https://anachakdesign.com/?p=123
Date and name: https://anachakdesign.com/2021/08/06/wordpress/
Month and name: https://anachakdesign.com//2021/08/wordpress/
Numerical: https://anachakdesign.com/archive/123
Post name: https://anachakdesign.com/wordpress/ -> Our recommendation!

The good thing about being able to edit your article’s permalink is that you can paste your keyword into the URL. This means that not only does your permalink look pretty and informative, but it can also help with your search ranking.

4. Easy to manage metadata

WordPress makes it easier to manage metadata. SEO titles and metadata improve the way search engines interpret the relevance of your website. With the help of metadata, search engine crawlers can better understand what your web pages are about.

If you add relevant keywords to your metadata, your website is more likely to be ranked for those keywords.

How does WordPress help you with metadata?

If you’re using WordPress, you can get a plugin like Yoast SEO. This plugin allows you to add metadata to all of your posts in minutes.

5. WordPress offers Great Image Optimization

Images are essential for your blog posts as well as your webshop and website. If you use it properly, one or two of them can break down your content into interesting and readable sections and columns.

best wordpress seo

However, images do more than guide readers to understand the nature of the text. They are also powerful SEO tools, especially when you use WordPress.

Here are the tips you can improve image SEO ranking:

  • With WordPress, you can “create alternative text” for every image you use. This means you can enter keywords to describe the images displayed by search engine crawlers.
  • WordPress allows you to use a plugin that will automatically generate alternate text for your images.
  • You can change the size of your pictures so that the loading speed of your page is not slowed down (adaptive pictures + picture compression)

6. Never frustrated users with slow loading times

Page speed is Google’s ranking factor. Therefore, if your website is slow, it will not only frustrate users but also lower their ranking in Google search results.

The good news is that WordPress has amazing plugins that help with the speed performance. We highly recommend you use the WP Rocket plugin to optimize your site speed and performance. This plugin will save your pages in the cache, cleans your database, and compresses your images to speed up the loading time.

7. WordPress has fantastic SEO plugins

If you’re using WordPress, optimizing for a higher rank becomes easy. All you have to do is install the right SEO plugins. You can use Yoast SEO to optimize On-Page SEO ranking.


Yoast SEO has received millions of installs worldwide as it makes website optimization easy for even the least tech-savvy people on the planet.

How can Yoast SEO help you?

  • It will help you optimize the content that you are writing with your focus keyword.
  • It helps you create content that is readable by both humans and search engine spiders.
  • It offers templates for SEO titles and meta descriptions with which I can automatically optimize all pages, posts, and types of content
  • Optimized XML sitemap
  • Preparation for Schema.org data

Yoast SEO also offers full support to premium users if required. The great thing about Yoast SEO plugins for WordPress, You don’t even have to touch a line of code.

8. WordPress has SEO-friendly themes

Keywords and metadata (title & description) are not the only components that search engine spiders check for relevance.

Another extremely important thing to look for is good website design.

When you use WordPress, you never have to worry about optimizing your website design for SEO yourself.

Just choose an SEO-friendly theme and you are well on your way to attracting those spiders to your website!

9. WordPress integrates easily with other software tools

As You already know how easy it is to integrate WordPress with Google Analytics and Yoast.

However, these are not the only software tools that can be easily used with WordPress. Here are some others:

  • Integrate with Email Marketing: ConvertKit, GetResponse, Constant Contact, etc (for email campaigns, landing pages, and forms).
  • Sucuri (One of the best security software).
  • AIO SEO (The Best WordPress SEO Plugin and Toolkit). You can increase engagement and further improve your SEO rank with these software tools that will work smoothly with your website.

10. Easy to integrate your campaign into social media

Social media is gigantic today and one of the best platforms for marketing your brand.

However, the success of your social media campaign will indirectly improve your SEO ranking.


As a digital marketer, this means that you should use social media to go hand in hand with your online marketing campaign. And WordPress will help you very well with this. WordPress allows you to create custom social media buttons for your blog to make it easier for readers to share your content. You can easily add a social media feed to your site.

Best WordPress Social Sharing Plugins:

  • Social Snap: With a limited free version available on the WordPress plugin repository, it has a great feature set and is lightweight.
  • Novashare: WordPress social sharing at the speed of light.
  • Monarch: Elegant Themes membership includes a feature-rich social media plugin at a terrific price.

11. More Web Hosting Support

WordPress has become one of the best platforms to build your website. Most web hosting providers have pride themself to catering the WordPress-specific host. They offer a lot of WordPress hosting plans from small businesses to larger firms.

Most web hosting companies offer all technical aspects of running your WordPress site, including WordPress security, malware, and hacking cleanup, automated daily backups, responsibility for your uptime, WordPress updates, SSL Certificate, scalability, especially they offer some SEO tools to help you increase your ranking.

Here are the best WordPress you can choose when it comes to SEO:

kinsta wordpress hosting

Kinsta Premium WordPress Hosting

✓ 99.9% Uptime Guarantee
✓ Premium Site Migration
✓ 24/7 Expert Support Team
✓ Free SSL certificate
✓ 25+ Google Cloud Locations
✓ KeyCDN & Caching
✓ Risk-free for 30 days

LiquidWeb Fully Managed Web Hosting

✓ 100% Uptime
✓ Free site transfers
✓ Free SSL certificates
✓ Fast page load times
✓ SEO Ranking Features
✓ Security and Backups
✓ Global data centers
✓ 24/7/365 support
✓ 30-Day Money-Back Guarantee
From: $19/mo

Flywheel Best For WordPress hosting

✓ 99.7% uptime
✓ Free site migrations
✓ Free CDN
✓ Designed for WordPress specifically
✓ Nightly backups
✓ Free malware clean up
✓ 24/7/365 support
✓ Money-Back Guarantee
From: $13/mo
wp engine wordpress hosting

WP Engine Best for big businesses

✓ Free Genesis Framework
✓ Free SSL certificate
✓ Free Global CDN
✓ Daily website backups
✓ Free 35+ StudioPress Themes
✓ Free Dev/Stage/Prod Environment
✓ Evercache Included
✓ 60 Days Money Back Guarantee
From: $25/mo

Bluehost Best Web Hosting Overall

✓ Free domain name for 1st year
✓ Free SSL certificate
✓ Fast loading speed
✓ 99.99% uptime
✓ Built-in SEO tools
✓ Free 24/7 lifetime support
✓ 30 days money-back guarantee
siteground wordpress hosting

SiteGround Best performance Web Hosting

✓ Free SSL certificate
✓ Free daily backups
✓ Free Cloudflare CDN
✓ Impressive website speed
✓ Anti-hack and Spam protection
✓ 24/7 customer support
✓ 30 days money-back guarantee
From: $3.95/mo

Finding the best website builder for SEO is not difficult. You found it with WordPress!

You will have a platform with SEO-optimized templates, plugins, and tools. When you take advantage of all of WordPress’ amazing SEO features, you have come to a huge step closer to the top of Google’s SERPs (Search Engine Results Pages). As one of the leading WordPress agencies, we have crafted WordPress websites & shops with WordPresss CMS since 2015 and some of them still look after them today.