Sqribble Review 2021: The Best eBook Creator Software

In today’s article, we’ll go in-depth review of Sqribble, a new cloud-based tool that allows you to create eBooks, reports, whitepapers, and other digital books quickly and easily. Let get started!

sqribble reviews

Today, eBooks are replacing physical books in our digital age. People transform the fragrance of the pages into an eBook design. Reading a simple, black-and-white eBook rather than a printed book is highly inconvenient.

If we want to get more subscribers, leads, and daily sales, we need to use eBooks. It has been proved that providing users with valuable material, in this case, an eBook will increase conversions significantly.

However, creating an eBook requires a lot of time and effort, from designing to writing to properly formatting it. It could take several days or even weeks to complete an eBook, and even longer if you want to include eye-catching graphics, photographs, or titles.

No worries, though! Sqribble is a cloud-based application that makes it simple to create user-interactive and well-crafted eBooks. It has drag-and-drop design capabilities as well as pre-made templates.

In this article, we will give you an in-depth review of why this eBook creation software is worth it.

What is Sqribble?

Sqribble is an online eBook creation tool that allows you to produce amazing, professional eBooks in minutes without the usual hassle that comes with it. With unlimited built-in templates to choose from, the process of creating your eBook is a breeze. Unlike most other eBook creation tools, Sqribbe has some really amazing features.


Sqribble Review – Specific Features

1. Easy to use

The software is really simple to use and does not require any technical expertise. The Sqribble e-book program was created with ease and comfort in mind. It includes a simple drag-and-drop interface that anyone can utilize to publish their information, from expert authors to marketers. The functions are well-liked by consumers because of the convenience they provide.

sqribble-reviews2. Stunning Designs

This Sqribble eBook maker studio will guide you through the process of writing an eBook from scratch. There are over 50 templates in total, which cover 15 different niches.

For example, If you want to start writing about Health and Wellness, you just select your niche and It shows recommended template for you.

Then you can choose your favorite template and you’ll be able to simply view the information multiple times. Start writing within their block whenever you’re satisfied.

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3. Beautiful eCover Designs

With Sqribble, you should expect incredibly beautiful eCovers for your eBook. When it comes to eCover for your entire eBook, we have found Sqribbe to be the best. We mean, let’s face it, the look and feel of your eCover do half the job of promoting your eBook and convincing people to even consider taking a closer look. If your eCover doesn’t look professional, all your other promotional efforts could go to waste. Also, their eCovers are perfectly formatted for all major eBook platforms.

To create a nice eCover, you may need to recruit the services of designers, which might make the process more expensive and time-consuming. With Sqribble, create stunning high-quality and professional eCover that will take a minute with award-winning templates.

sqribble ebook creator

4. Instant Content

One of the really cool features of Sqribble is the fact that it has the ability to automatically produce content for your eBook. You don’t have to know anything or be a professional in your niche.

Depending on the web address you provide, the software imports content written by experts from around the web based on your niche. You can also import articles from the Sqribble library. This feature alone cuts the stress associated with creating your eBook in half.

This feature is exclusive to Sqribble and cannot be found in any other software. Expert-level content can be contributed without having to write a single word. All they have to do is fill in the desired niche, and the software will add the information for them. You can still add something or remove content that they don’t like if you want to! This feature is quite beneficial because it makes work much easier.


5. Easy to Create Flipbooks

Few softwares support Flip-Books and those that do cause plenty of issues when trying to create on them. Another reason why Sqribble is so excellent and useful is because of this feature. With this and the tools included, it is simple to build Flip Books and have fun doing it.

The functions are simple to use and comfortable to use. An eBook can be converted into a Flipbook by simply including ideas that make it appear as if the reader is turning pages. Readers will find the material entertaining and interactive.

6. 100% Commercial License

The commercial license for Sqribble allows you to create an unlimited number of eBooks, reports, and whitepapers to sell as a service to clients!

You may also make money by designing and generating outstanding ebook templates and themes. The software gives you agency rights, allowing anyone to start their own design firm and generate designs for others.

There is also a commercial agency license that allows e-books to be produced and sold.


7. Training Program

It features a comprehensive training center for beginners who want to learn how to use the Sqribble eBook Creator. Anyone new to the software will find a complete training session available right away to assist them in learning how to use it. Step-by-step tutorials aid in the acquisition of knowledge about the software’s functioning and use.


Sqribble Pricing

Sqribble has a one-time price of $67. It comes with a 30-day money-back satisfaction guarantee.

The creator claims that the price would eventually rise to $197. As a result, you should purchase it now to take advantage of the deal.

The story, however, does not finish here. There are 4 more One-Time Purchases available. We don’t recommend all upsells, but a select few are crucial.

Upsell 1 — Sqribble professional

This service grants you access to 150 high-quality eBook layouts and illustrations. You’ll be able to discover one that fits your needs. It’s perfect for frequent users and those that require a wide range of marketing content.

Upsell 2 — Sqribble Prime

Every month, you can get access to 15 premium “limited edition” new eBook templates that will be uploaded to your Sqribble dashboard. This will help you build up your library over time and set you apart from other users. For a template, it comes to less than two dollars! (Much less expensive than stock photo sites.) For moderate users, this is ideal.

Upsell 3 – Sqribble Fantasia 3D

Sqribble Fantasia 3D gives you access to a 3D cover maker. You can use the program to make beautiful 3D covers for your eBooks. It’s a fantastic option for people who are trying to obtain more attention and create attractive eBooks. It allows you to create flipbooks with animated and interactive pages that can be linked to any website.

Upsell 4 – Auto Job Finder Software

You have to purchase the Auto Job Finder software if you want to make money using Sqribble. This program will locate work on numerous freelance websites and notify you so that you can fulfill them. It will assist you in earning money and saving time.

Sqribble Pros and Cons

Sqribble Pros:
  • Sqribble offers a user-friendly design that makes it simple to use its features without a steep learning curve. You may easily generate an eBook, and the software’s interface is straightforward.
  • There are no bugs in this software. Other software that provides tools for content development has faults in it, and the user interface might be difficult to use.
  • You simply have to pay once for Sqribble, and you have unlimited access to all of its features with no additional fees. This feature allows you to save money on content creation by reducing the need to hire designers.
Sqribble Cons:
  • There are some things that you get extra charges for, such as 3D covers and flipbook pages, but many portions of the software are free and will not prevent you from creating your eBook.
  • When using content from a link, you must provide credit to your sources. Not properly crediting your source can result in a copyright violation and the removal of your eBook. To keep this from happening, always reference your sources.


Is Sqribble right for you?

Sqribble is perfect for everyone! Whether you’re a small business owner, marketing agency, internet marketer, Kindle publisher or freelancer, you can create lead magnets, whitepapers, and reports, and eBooks with all in one solutions.

If you are also looking to create additional income, you will be pleased to know that a commercial agency license to use Sqribble for client work is also included, offering eBook creation services, with the ability to create unlimited eBooks that you can sell.

They also give you a ready-to-go agency website with a pre-loaded portfolio that you can upload to any domain for instant authority so you can show it off to any potential new clients for work.

Professional websites like this would cost you at least $600 on their own, so they are very good value for money.

There is also a built-in “Customer Feedback Tool” to help you work with clients on projects more easily (awesome feature).


Overall, Sqribble eBook Software is an excellent software to add to your arsenal if you want to write eBooks, whether you’re a beginner or a professional. Sqribble combines a number of technologies to help you create content quickly.

Sqribble also has a variety of templates and themes to pick from in order to make your eBook look pretty cool and modern. They also have a commercial agency that will equip you with a portfolio to show potential clients.

If you plan to create eBooks, reports, or Kindle books in the near future, you owe it to yourself, All of these features are available for a one-time payment of $67, which is a great deal.

Key Features:

✓ Automatic table of contents
✓ Automatic headers & footers
✓ Automatic pagination
✓ Drag & Drop layout
✓ Add or delete pages
✓ Add your own media
✓ 300+ Google fonts
✓ 50+ eBook templates
✓ 10 different eBook themes
✓ Import content from a URL
✓ Add content manually

Recommended For:

✓ Entrepreneurs
✓ Product Creators
✓ Bloggers
✓ Coaches & Consultants
✓ Teachers & Authors
✓ Digital Marketers