GetResponse Review: A Complete Guide to GetResponse

GetResponse is a popular marketing automation software that provides a wide range of features, including email marketing, webinars, and sales funnel.

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In this age of online business, email marketing is one of the best strategies for companies to reach more audiences and sell their products or services. We have recommended various email marketing software to help businesses of any size win customers and increase sales.

GetResponse is also one of the best email marketing tools that helps you engage your audience and grow your business.

Today we are going to review GetResponse to find out how it is suitable for your business and then decide whether you use it or not.

What is GetResponse?

Founded in 1998, GetResponse started out as a small firm in Gdynia, Poland. With over 300 dedicated experts on board, the company now works globally with offices in Malaysia, Russia, Canada, Poland, and the United States. Its email marketing platform, which is now available in 27 languages, is trusted by over 350,000 companies in 182 countries. GetResponse’s headquartered in Gdańsk, Poland.

GetResponse now becomes a powerful email marketing tool that helps grow your audience by offering simplified tools for email marketing. Not only is it an email marketing platform, but it also enables the creation of landing pages, websites, sales funnels, webinars, and many more. They offer different tools that help your business grow and create an impact for your business.

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GetResponse Review: Features

GetResponse has a wide variety of functions to create, manage and optimize digital marketing efforts for any type of business. However, one of GetResponse’s most popular features is Autoresponders and its other email marketing features.

Let’s take a closer look at the features and functions of GetResponse:

1. Email Marketing

GetResponse is a powerful email marketing service provider with email design tools, email templates, and a high delivery rate. All you need to do is select the right type of email to meet your business goals.

It allows you to send newsletters for updates and special offers, and also create automated emails to increase online sales. Deliver the emails at the right time to the inboxes directly and you can also create transactional emails for reminders.

1.1. Email Creator

Use a simple drag and drop builder to create beautiful and responsive emails. Attract your audience and grow your business through professional email marketing campaigns.


  • Powerful design features: Even if you are just starting out, you can easily create great emails optimized for each device.
  • First-class email delivery: Reliable automated delivery tools can get you into your inbox when you need it most.
  • Pre-designed templates: Use high-quality email templates specially designed for you to get email delivery faster.
  • One tool to do it all: GetResponse connects all aspects of the campaign, from creation to optimization.

1.2. Email Autoresponders

Do you want to send an email newsletter to your subscribers on a regular basis?

As soon as someone subscribes to your mailing list, they will receive a welcome message from you. You can set the time to send an offer or product information to your subscribers.

GetResponse’s autoresponders feature is a key selling point, and it provides some of the most comprehensive features on the market.


You can send time- and action-based messages using automatic replies. Time-based actions include setting time intervals to send a particular message, while action-based actions include user actions such as filling in a particular form, opening, and clicking, completed transactions.

If you want to tell Getresponse to do something when a user clicks something, you can do so by setting up an “automation flowchart”. This is possible with the new version of Getresponse’s autoresponder. You can easily send an email stream with your service.

To increase your conversion rate, you can automatically send an automated email sequence to subscribers. If you use it correctly in your business, it is a powerful email marketing tool to increase your sales.

1.3. Email Analytics


GetResponse includes an in-depth analytic section that can help you analyze data about newsletters, autoresponders, subscribers, and marketing automation. It can track standard metrics such as open rate, click, and unsubscribe. In addition, you can use the tool to track your Return on Investment (ROI). For example, you can track the number of sales, subscriptions, and visitors you received from email marketing campaigns.

1.4. Email List Management

GetResponse uses personalized email to expand your subscriber list by segmenting your audience. The segmentation process is simple and straightforward: first load the data table, and the second step is to determine the audience’s behavior. Finally, you need to check what kind of data your target audience likes to receive and what email campaigns to send. This can be done through the response segment action tool.

getresponse-reviewsFor example, suppose you have a GetResponse mailing list that you have divided into four segments:

  • Segment A
  • Segment B
  • Segment C
  • Segment D

With GetResponse, it’s really easy to send messages to segments A, B, and C at the same time (you just have to check three relevant checkboxes). You can also send a message to segments B and C and exclude segment D.

Not only can you post/exclude multiple segments at once, but you can also do the same for individual lists, for example, if you had three separate mailing lists in GetResponse, you could send emails to all three people.

1. 5. Transactional emails

getresponse-reviewsIt is best to send the latest emails about your products, services, events, etc. This forces your audience to buy back and become your regular customers. Now, all types of marketing emails (such as reminders, receipts, order confirmations) can be used under one roof.

2. Conversion Funnel

The conversion funnel is one of the newest options in GetResponse. You can sell almost anything automatically since the system helps you to get everything ready to achieve it.

You will surely come across this term (Conversion Funnel) and similar ones such as sales funnel, marketing funnel, etc. In general, they all refer to the same thing.


The sales funnel consists of attractive ‘compressed pages’ containing clear information and a clean, well-designed data capture form.

The purpose of a sales funnel is to take a potential customer through various stages to eventually convert them into a real customer.

3. Marketing Automation

GetResponse recently released a new version of its new automatic response feature called Marketing Automation. It includes a drag-and-drop builder for creating visually automated workflows. This feature allows you to personalize the subscriber’s experience through a combination of conditions, actions, and filters. The workflow starts with conditional elements that must be met to trigger an automated sequence, for example, when the user clicks a link or opens an email.


If you don’t want to create an automated workflow from scratch, you can use one of GetResponse’s pre-built templates, which are designed for various business challenges, such as lead qualification, engagement, customer loyalty, and sale promotions.

4. Website Builder


With GetResponse, you can create a website for your business without the requirement of coding skills. They offer absolutely stunning designs and just add your creativity with the website builder tool to create the website you want. Use their customizable templates that suit your business niche and promote your business across all of your marketing platforms.

5. Web Push Notifications

Web push notifications are one of the strategies of online businesses to boost website traffic and conversion rates. This technique consists of interacting with your audiences and converting them into customers.

getresponse-review 2021

To get more audience for your business, simply send web push notifications to their devices with new offers that appeal to them. Without any email address requirement, bring audiences from anywhere in the world. If you want to run multichannel campaigns, simply collaborate with GetResponse with marketing automation tools. Examine views, click-through rates, to see what works for higher conversion rates.

6. Live Chat

To get more sales for your business, engage with your customers by providing them with a live chat feature. All you need to do is offer instant support to your audiences, according to the chat history, segment your audiences. It’s even better to enable chat options on your website’s landing pages and emails.


In the live chat option, build trust with your audiences and make them buy your products and services by clarifying their doubts in real time. To make yourself more attractive, personalize your chat options with your brand. To avoid anonymous chats, you can schedule your chats and engage audiences anywhere.

7. Landing Page

Affiliate Marketing and online ad campaigns that use Landing Pages will generate many more leads and sales than a campaign that sends people directly to the sales page.

GetResponse has hundreds of templates ranging from subscription pages, promotion pages, and download pages to videos and thank you pages.


With so many categories to choose from, you have countless ways to bring your business landing page to life, and most importantly is conversion.

Each of GetResponse’s templates is responsive, highly customizable, and the platform includes access to thousands of stock images through iStock.

Another standout feature of GetResponse templates is that you can start from a blank page and customize it with HTML knowledge, which is also an option for previously loaded templates.

Similar marketing tools often require you to use a third-party landing page creation tool like ClickFunnels or Leadpages to achieve this kind of functionality.

AWeber recently introduced some Landing Page features, but it hasn’t gotten as sophisticated yet as GetResponse.

GetResponse’s Landing Page Builder is very helpful, but to get the full-featured version, you need to be on the Plus plan.

8. Webinars

Another unique feature that comes with most paid plans is the ability to create and host webinars from your account. You can create a new webinar in less than a minute.

Webinars are web-based seminars where people interact with their audience to educate something. Any webinar generally needs the email address of your audience so that you can quickly grow your email list with webinars.


GetResponse is the first email service provider to provide a dedicated webinar marketing platform to increase your leads and email subscription rates.

You can host up to 100 webinars each month with your Pro Plan (which costs you just $49 a month) and also allows you to build an email list of 5,000 email subscribers along with access to the landing page builder that you can use to create impressive landing pages.

9. Signup Forms

getresponse-reviewCustom registration forms in GetResponse help convert your visitors into email subscribers. Place the forms anywhere on the website like footer, sidebar, top bar, etc. To get more conversions and leads, use pop-up forms and registrations that grab your audience’s attention. It allows you to integrate forms with other tools you want.

10. Paid Ads

Use GetResponse Social Ads Creator to promote your products and services on social media. Create, buy and manage Facebook and Instagram ads directly in GetResponse. Then track their performance and optimize them anytime, anywhere.


Get Response offers over 200 pre-designed ad templates — each designed to help you achieve a specific goal.

GetResponse Review: Plans & Prices

GetResponse offers a 30-day free trial. There is no free plan, instead, you will receive four different variations of plans. Please see the tables below for more information.

  • Basic — Starting at $15 per month
  • Plus — Starting at $49 per month
  • Professional — Starting at $99 per month
  • Custom Pricing — Everything in PRO and more

Note: Significant discounts are available if you pay in advance for 12 or 24 months of subscription. They also offer an up to 50% discount to nonprofits that qualify for the GetResponse for Nonprofits Program.

All Getresponse plans cover the basic email marketing tools you might expect; the main features include:

  • Ability to import, grow and host a mailing list
  • Selection of topics to use in your electronic newsletters
  • Automatic response functionality
  • Responsive email layouts
  • Split test A/B
  • In-depth reports
  • RSS/blog to email functionality
  • Comprehensive targeting options
  • Social sharing tools

GetResponse Review: Pros & Cons


  • User-friendly interface: It is one of the easiest digital marketing tools to use. It’s certainly easy enough to do all the basics in GetResponse: import contacts create campaigns, set up automatic responses, and check statistics, etc.
  • Conversion Funnels: The Conversion Funnel function is potentially useful for people who want to manage all aspects of their sales funnels and e-commerce activity in the same environment.
  • Webinars: They can host over 950 webinars daily, as well as drive online sales, conducting thousands of transactions daily.
  • A/B split testing: All GetResponse plans come with a useful (albeit complicated) Landing Page builder that makes A/B testing easy, something that could save you a lot of money.
  • Live chat: GetResponse has recently launched a live chat feature. This is a brilliant addition because when having it on your site ensures you never miss a new lead.
  • Great Support Team: GetResponse support team trusted and loved by 96% of their customers. They offer very helpful customer service both by phone and live chat 24/7.
  • 26+ Language Support: The platform is provided in a wide variety of languages ​​
  • 30 Day Free Trial: You can try all the GetResponse functions for free for 30 days without the need to enter your credit card details.


  • No Free Plan: GetResponse does not have a free plan, however, you can try the service out for 30 days for free.
  • Template Update: Somewhat outdated templates, and doesn’t offer a free plan for beginner email marketers.

Is GetResponse right for you?

Yessss!!! GetResponse is pretty easy to use from beginner to expert. Its interface was recently redesigned and it is now an intuitive and uncluttered affair.

It’s certainly easy enough to do all the basics in GetResponse: import contacts, create campaigns, set up automatic responses, and check statistics. In particular, segment management is excellent.

However, the GetResponse form designer and Landing Page authoring tools could benefit from a little overhaul. Unlike most of the product’s features, they haven’t been greatly improved as part of the interface revamp. They are not particularly easy to use.

GetResponse Review: Conclusion

We know that choosing the right email marketing software to build and grow your business is really difficult. After all, there are over 150 companies offering email marketing solutions around the world.

Those are the top three factors to look for in any email marketing software and they are all available on GetResponse. Not only does it cost just $15 per month, it also has 99% high email deliverability.

If you want an easy-to-create email autoresponder service with an affordable price (and great features), GetResponse is a perfect choice. It is one of the most affordable email marketing tools available today that can be used to host and expand your online business. You will get email marketing, automation, landing pages, e-commerce, sales channels, and webinars all under one roof.

Key Features:

✓ Email Marketing
✓ Email Autoresponders
✓ Comprehensive Reporting
✓ A/B Testing
✓ Marketing Automation
✓ Landing Page Builder
✓ Webinar Integration
✓ Signup Forms
✓ Live Chat Feature
✓ Sale Funnel
✓ Lead Magnet
✓ Website Builder

Recommended For:

✓ Mid and large business
✓ Entrepreneur
✓ eCommerce Seller
✓ Affiliate Marketer
✓ Webinar Host
✓ Marketing Manager
✓ Funnel Hackers

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