Semrush Review 2021: All-In-One SEO Tools

In this article, we’ll guide you through everything you can know with Semrush. Is it well worth the investment?

semrush review

If you are going to start doing SEO for an online project and you are considering using one of the main SEO Tools (Search Engine Optimization) on the market, you have probably heard of Semrush.

Semrush is the best marketing tool to create and manage an effective SEO ranking strategy that is absolutely necessary for a website to be visible. With this platform, you can detect competitors, analyze the competition, search for collaborators, monitor social networks, and take different actions that achieve complete management of web projects. This tool is also used to detect market niches and new interesting businesses.

In this article, we’ll guide you through everything you can do with Semrush. Is it well worth the investment?

What is Semrush

Semrush is a complete marketing suite of SEO, market research, and competition tools designed to make a wide variety of online marketing tasks easier, more convenient, and faster.

This platform is specialized in analytics and optimization related to the SEO field, but it also offers truly valuable data for SEO Off-Page, link building strategies, the development, and implementation of digital advertising strategies, and optimizes the content marketing strategies.

semrush review

Founded in 2008, Semrush began when a small group of SEO enthusiasts came together with the goal of building a beneficial digital marketing tool for the competitiveness of online businesses.

Today, they are one of the leading companies in online marketing. Semrush is a marketing platform that includes a set of tools focused on professionals in digital marketing, they offer more than 20 tools that cover keyword analysis, traffic, backlinks management, website audits, competition research, and much more.

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Semrush Review: Main Features

Semrush offers you access to all of the following features regardless of the plan you choose. Let’s look into each important feature in greater detail so you can see what Semrush can deliver for your need.

Keyword Research

Finding the right keyword is tricky. There are many tools available online to help you do this, but none compare to Semrush’s dedicated keyword tools, which allow you to not only find all of the keywords your competitors use, but also the volume value of those keywords.

Semrush also shows you a difficulty score so you can figure out which battles are the most difficult. Furthermore, you can simply type a keyword into the tool, for example, bicycle, and it will give a list of thousands of keyword alternatives based on that term.

The results can then be filtered by volume, difficulty, or even question mode, which generates question keywords based on the term you entered, such as bicycle brand, bicycle shop, bicycle repairs, etc.

From here, you can plan a significant amount of content based on the SEMrush Keyword Magic Tool’s results. What’s even better? You can select to only go for keywords that you’re confident you’ll be able to rank for, saving you time and money.

The keyword planning tool from SEMrush is one of the leaders in the market today, with everything you’ll need to generate massive lists of prospective content ideas. These ideas can then be saved as a CSV document or Google Sheets and shared with your team.

Organic Traffic Insights

You could discover which keywords and phrases were driving traffic to your site in the past. However, Google has been blocking this for the past few years, making life difficult for SEOs. With Semrush’s Organic Traffic Insight, you can discover exactly which keywords and search terms are bringing traffic to your site.

You also get a comprehensive explanation of each term as well as the amount of traffic it attracts. How does it work? Simple: combine your Google Analytics and Search Console data, which is difficult to do with only Google products. This method provides a much more clear overview of what is driving traffic to your site, and it avoids such a need to waste hours of your time combining keyword information in spreadsheets.

PPC Keyword Tool

Semrush has a tool that allows you to quickly check how much it will cost to run an ad for any term if you’re conducting PPC advertising. Simply type in your keyword and Semrush will do the rest.

Uncover Your Competitor’s PPC Strategy

Semrush will tell you everything you need to know about how much a campaign will cost to run, as well as the systematic review it will have on overall traffic and clicks, once it’s been processed.

This tool is invaluable if you run a lot of PPC campaigns. It’s more user-friendly than Google Adwords, and it’s ideal for planning campaigns because it provides a thorough breakdown of expenses, volume, and impressions for any keywords you enter.

SEO Content Template

One of Semrush’s best features is the SEO content template. If you’re new to SEO or wondering how to write an SEO-focused post, SEO content template will soon become your new best friend, as it will tell you exactly what your post should rank for and what SEO content template to use.


Simply select the keyword your post is about, for example, “Best Bicycle Brand”, and the SEO Content Template will pull information from the top 10 articles on Google, including the exact keywords and LSI you should use, as well as backlinks required for sorting and the approximate length of the content.

It also gets a readability score from the SEO content template (out of 100). Once you’ve gathered all of this information, all you have to do now is integrate it into your publication, publish it, and wait to see what happens. If you perform a good job and your site has authority, it should be on Google’s second or third page. From here, you can start working on backlinks in order to boost your ranking to page one.

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Site Audits

SEO audits are essential since they aid in the detection of any issues with your website. These issues can include everything from 404 errors to broken links to zombie content (outdated, useless posts). Every six months, you should do SEO audits on your site to guarantee that the health of your site is always top-notch.


SEO audits can be done manually, but with Semrush, they can be done automatically with just the click of a button. Semrush will indicate any problems or difficulties that are affecting your site that needs to be fixed after it has crawled.

Run a Full Website Scan in Minutes

Your site’s health will improve as a result of this, and you may see some ranking improvements as well. Why? Because 404 errors and too much zombie content can (and will) degrade your SERP rankings. As a result, SEO audits should be performed on a regular basis. The entire procedure may be fully automated with Semrush.

Post Tracking

Post tracking is a tool that you’ll discover in Content Analyzer, and it’s really easy to use. Let’s imagine you ordered a load of new content from a new content creator and want to track how well it performs over the course of a few weeks.

You may achieve this by using Post Tracking by simply adding the URLs of the posts to Post Tracking. Select the option to establish a new group under Content Audit. After that, add the URLs you want to track to the group, and Semrush will begin tracking and monitoring them.


You can go over the posts on a daily basis. Semrush will generate daily reports for the group you created, allowing you to stay on top of changes and issues. This tool is ideal for keeping track of your site’s most important pages, as it allows you to immediately evaluate how they’re performing and whether any changes are required.

You have the option to create as many groups as you want. You could have a page for money, a page for new content, and a page for all of your recent reviews. Regardless of what you choose to track, the Post Tracking group setup process is simple. It’s also one of the most useful tools Semrush has to offer.

Content Audit

The ability to run mass content audits on your site is a fantastic feature that can really help your SEO efforts. Semrush’s content audit tool is excellent for performing a variety of site audits. By selecting different subfolders from your sitemap, you can choose the type of information you want to audit.

Because of this specificity, you may, for example, audit your old posts to find out whether they need to be updated or removed. Remove the guesswork from content audits by providing you with all the information you need to decide whether or not to update 410.

semrush review 2021

Let’s imagine you have a website with thousands of outdated news articles. These articles are usually urgent, thus they are no longer relevant a few years after they are published. You may use the Content Audit tool to look over these previous posts, find the ones that are valuable (i.e., have backlinks), and decide what to do with them.

You can set metrics like Publish Date older than six months or three years, for example, to be more specific about the content you want to analyze, and Semush will gather everything older than that for you to review. You may also use it to avoid being penalized by Google Panda simply identifying thin content (posts with less than 200 words).

Position Tracking

As the name implies, position tracking allows you to see all of your keyword positions on Google in one spot. You can check how your trackable keywords are performing on a daily basis once you’ve uploaded them to Semrush, either by CSV or by directly linking Google Analytics to SEMrush.

Enhancements and decreases are shown by red down and green up arrows in Semrush. You can immediately see which keywords are functioning and which are not with this tool. You can swiftly make judgments on what to do next once you have this information.

semrush review

You can add position tracking to your Semrush dashboard for even faster statistics, and it will show you exactly what happened in the last 24 hours as soon as you open the tool. It’s a lot faster than using Google Search Console, and it’s a lot more visually appealing than a Google Analytics report.

On-Page SEO

If you want to rank your content, you need to focus on On-page SEO. On-page SEO is an art form that takes years of experience to master. SEMrush’s on-page SEO Checker, on the other hand, does all of the work for you.

semrush reviews

Simply go to the SEO Checker menu on the page after you’ve created an account. After that, launch a campaign. Semrush will then examine your website’s pages for suggestions on how to improve your posts’ on-page SEO. Strategy Ideas, Backlink Ideas, Technical SEO Ideas, User Experience Ideas, SERP Features, Semantic Ideas, and Content Ideas are the categories that Semrush suggests.

Backlinks Analysis

Backlinks are fundamental elements for SEO performance. The more backlinks you have from quality sources, the higher your site’s authority in Google’s eye. And high-authority sites regularly outrank low-authority sites, which is why SEO experts are focused on quality backlinks.


With Semrush, you have one of the best backlink auditing tools on the earth. You may do complete audits on every backlink that points to your site once you’ve connected Semrush to Google Search Console. This provides a comprehensive review of your full backlink profile.

Why conduct backlink audits? Simply – because probably you will have some terrible spammy links pointing to your site. Spam links aren’t harmful to your SEO, according to Google, but they’re worth keeping an eye on because most of what Google says should be taken with a grain of salt. You can manually evaluate and remove or disavow harmful backlinks after you’ve completed your backlink audit and Semrush has identified them. All of this can be done with Semrush; all you have to do is click a few buttons, and the harmful links will be removed.

Social Media Posting

The ability to post updates to your social channels from within Semrush is another feature of the Semrush social media bundle. You may also use the Semrush calendar to plan social posts weeks and months in advance, based on your most popular engagement moments.

semrush reviews

This tool is essential for anyone who is serious about social media. Months in advance, you may schedule and prepare social posts and updates. This saves you a lot of time and completely automates all of your social media communications. For example, you may complete this in a few hours and then forget about social media for the rest of the month.

Social Media Tracker

Semrush’s social media tracker keeps track of all your social media accounts, including Twitter, Instagram, and Facebook, and displays growth and drops in followers, likes, and shares for all major social media platforms.

This feature is a great tool to stay on top of all the ups and downs on your social media accounts if you’re active on them. It’s simple to use, and you can obtain reports to share with your team immediately.

Semrush Review: Plans & Prices

Like any good software, Semrush is in a constant state of improvement with new features and capabilities coming almost regularly.

As you can see in the table below, the differences between the plans are due to the extent of the projects that each tier manages. The Pro Plan allows you to track up to five projects and 1000 keywords, making it an excellent solution for anyone who manages a few websites.

semrush review

Semrush Price Breakdown:

  • Semrush Pro Plan – Best for freelancers and startups. Includes 28 advanced tools, up to 5 projects, track 500 keywords, 100,000 pages crawled per month.
  • Semrush Guru Plan – Perfect for SMEs, includes brand reports, historical data, extended limits, up to 50 projects, 1500 keywords followed, 300,000 pages crawled per month.
  • Semrush Business Plan – Ideal for large companies, includes white label reports, API access, extended limits, Google Data Studio integration, up to 200 projects, 5,000 crawled keywords, 1,000,000 pages crawled per month.

Semrush also provides custom solutions for companies with unique marketing requirements. Custom keyword databases, custom limitations, on-site training, and other add-on services are available on demand.

Semrush Review: Pros & Cons


✓ A wide variety of SEO tools
✓ Get all the data in one platform
✓ Best competitive insights
✓ SEO content Ideas & Analytics
✓ Backlink analysis opportunities
✓ Incredible SEO reports
✓ User-friendly site management


✗ Pricing is a bit expensive compared to others
✗ Import features are limited
✗ Dashboard changes often
✗ There is a learning curve for new users

Semrush Alternatives

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Final Verdict on Semrush

Semrush is, in my opinion, the best SEO tool on the market right now. On all levels, you receive all of the above features, plus a lot more, making Semrush one of the greatest value (and most useful) SEO tools on the market right now.

You have options for businesses with limited budgets as well as those with unlimited resources. If you’re a blogger or run a single website, Semrush Pro’s basic package will be more than enough for you. If you’re a larger agency or company, the Business Plan is for you because it gives you more of everything, including API access and brand whitepapers.