What are the advantages of having your own website for your business in 2020?

There are many websites today and for almost everything – from business websites to fan pages and blog. But for some reason, more than 40 percent of companies in Cambodia still don’t have their own website. Why is that?

In surveys, especially the self-employed and small business owners often state that they are not sufficiently familiar with building websites or that they lack the time or money to do so. However, many also say that they simply do not need their own website – either because they do not think it is necessary or because they are already on social media.

However, due to the COVID-19 crisis, these ideas have changed in recent months. Because if you don’t have your own website and only earn money in your own shop, you were left behind during the lockdown. Because those who have their own website or online shop could continue to generate sales online. But even outside of COVID-19, there are numerous reasons why a website is worthwhile for your business. We have put together some of the most important ones for you.

Customers expect a professional website these days

On the Internet, users search for almost everything. Broadly speaking, there are two types of search queries when searching for products or services:

  • The search for a product / service regardless of location – for example for an order in an online shop.
  • The search queries for an article or a service in a certain city – for example for a nice restaurant or hotel in Siem Reap.

Both are part of the search behavior of users today. And so users expect that not only the large mail order company, but also a local shop around the corner can be found online. However, those who do not have a website simply do not take place in this digital world – even though their own offer might just meet customer needs. Customers don’t need to find a lot of information or a multi-page encyclopedia about you on the Internet. A few coherent pages are usually more than enough to provide the most important information and to convince users of you. Above all, the topicality is important.

Having your own website looks professional and creates trust

Anyone looking for a product or service on the Internet these days usually already has a clear idea of ​​what to expect. This is what makes a modern looking website with current content and an individual domain so important. These and other factors make your website trustworthy for visitors.

You can sell your products online

Online retail sales have been increasing for years – long before the COVID-19 crisis. The crisis has only reinforced this trend. Even if you see yourself as an offline business, it can’t hurt to jump on the train with your own online shop before it rushes past you. An online shop complements the sales of your offline business, serves as a figurehead for your products and is a good channel for communicating with your customers. You can find new customers via Google index or other search engines.

A website is cheaper than traditional advertising

Ahead: Which advertising measure is best for whom is, of course, an individual question. But a website is much more than a one-off advertisement in the local newspaper, the yellow pages or online advertising. Rather, your website is something permanent. And it is the ideal point of contact for customers who you can advertise on very different channels – also free of charge.

You can reach customers near you

A website not only appeals to visitors from all over the world, but you also reach customers close to you. As early as 2019, 9 out of 10 users searched for local results. Just under half of the searches are done on the go – people who are looking for a store or restaurant near them. Without your own website, these walkers will most likely go through your arms. And even if you have your own website, it’s worth adapting your local SEO.

Does my company need a website even if I am active on social media?

Some entrepreneurs assume that a presence on social networks has already covered the “Internet area”. This is an important step: Social media means great opportunities for companies or projects. However, if you only rely on social media, you can hardly avoid a problem: social networks follow certain algorithms, change their functionality regularly and play content according to (partly) unknown patterns to certain target groups. A website, however, is yours. You can twist the SEO screws, tailor content to your target group, provide links and advertise your site. Here you are independent of groups that stand behind a certain platform. And if trends change, you can develop with them. If your customers are on Twitter today, but maybe more on Snapchat tomorrow – your website is and remains the pivotal point for your content and “message”.

Conclusion: Every company needs a website

A website is indispensable for every company today – and can make a significant contribution to success. Website makes it very easy for your clients to find your business and reach your target customer worldwide.